Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beautiful Arrangements by Flora Grubb


Just a little eye candy for all you Bauer fans out there.

Take a look at this set of photos posted by Flora Grubb of San Francisco, California. Gorgeous floral and succulent arrangements in a Home by Sunset Canoe Pot, a couple Madagascar Vases, a Jardiniere, a mini Oil Jar and a Stock Vase.


Photos by Flora Grubb

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Support Public Radio, Get Some Bauer Pottery

If you're a fan of Bauer Pottery, great music and NPR programs, you can support all of those habits by subscribing to KCRW during the current pledge drive.

We've provided the Los Angeles-based public radio station KCRW with ten $100.00 gift certificates that they are offering as premiums this week.

Please note, that you do not have to be in the Los Angeles area to take advantage of this offer. KCRW streams live over the internet, so you can call in and subscribe from anywhere.

Gift certificates are redeemable over the phone or in-person at our Showroom & Holiday Sales.

Now we don't know when they'll offer the Bauer gift certificates, so you'll have to listen for your chance, but there are far worse things that you can do than spend some time listening to KCRW.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dante Fried Chicken Coming to the Showroom on Saturday

Just confirmed for this weekend's Showroom Sale, Dante Fried Chicken will be stopping by on Saturday the 7th.

A mix of party host, art promoter and self-proclaimed "chicken connoisseur," owner Dante Gonzales is bringing more than just a new kind of fried chicken to the streets of Los Angeles. In addition to his great food, the truck will also serve as a rolling radio studio for live broadcasts from the road. Gonzales, a relocated by way of Europe New Yorker, debuts his truck this week and the Bauer Pottery Showroom is one of the first places you'll be able to try his fare.

I got to sample his creations over this past weekend and everything was great, even the tofu! (That said, don't miss out on the chicken or the mac & cheese.)

Dante Fried Chicken Truck: brisket, fried chicken, mac & cheese

You can see Dante's menu here and read more about this newest addition to L.A.'s street food scene here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August Showroom Sale

Our August Showroom Sale is coming up this weekend, Saturday & Sunday, the 8th & 9th. Click on the link for all of the details or call us with any questions. (We're still working on a lunch truck for Saturday and we'll post here as soon as it's locked down.)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Russel Wright Hall of Shame

While we spend most of our day making new pottery for both the Bauer 2000 and Russel Wright American Modern lines, we are still cognizant of what has come before. We like to know what people are doing with their vintage pottery collections.

We see lovely pictures of hutches filled with colorful pieces from both lines on Flickr and Facebook. We see people buying and selling collections on eBay. However, every so often we run across something like the Russel Wright Hall of Shame.

Now fans of Wright should fear not. These are not missteps by the revered designer. Instead, they are pieces of his design that some collectors decided were not quite finished or needed to be enhanced.

Some people see a plate, cup & saucer. Others see a wall sconce...

We know all too well that sometimes a lid gets broken or lost. This practical marriage of two different pieces almost looks like this sugar bowl was left in dark basement where nature just took its course

Sometimes an artist can't help but see an everyday object as a blank canvas...

Sometimes the artist should just have appreciated the beauty of his or her would-be canvas...

Other times, the paint should be locked safely away from the would-be artist...

Head on over to the Russel Wright Hall of Shame for many more examples.

If you have come across any "enhanced" Bauer or Russel Wright pottery, let us know in the comments so we can share it with everyone.