Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Sale Weekend 2 & Final Weekend Preview

We had another great weekend at the showroom, while managing to avoid this week's rain. Thank you to everyone who came by for a visit. We hope that everyone was able to find a little something for themselves or were able to check off a name or two on their shopping list.

Did you get some tomato soup and a sandwich from the Grilled Cheese Truck on Saturday? We fueled up midday with some mac & cheese and short rib grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of tater tots.

While we've had two great weekends, but we still have a lot of pottery at the showroom. If you're around and still need to do some shopping, you should come by this weekend. We're taking an additional 30% off of the already discounted sticker prices!

This Saturday & Sunday, December 17 & 18 will be the last day's to shop at the showroom until March, 2012. These are the best prices you'll get on Bauer Pottery anywhere at any time, so don't miss out.

If great deals on Bauer, Russel Wright, Sunset and Corita pottery aren't enough, we'll have the Pie n' Burger truck stopping by for lunch on Saturday. If you're a Southern California resident, especially from the San Gabriel Valley, you've probably grown up with Pie n' Burger. If not, we'll give you two guesses as to what they do well. If you said, "Shakes and fries," you'd also be right. They were recently featured in the L.A. Weekly's "30 Burgers in 30 Days". Pie 'n Burger: Cheeseburger

So, come by and shop, eat and be merry!

Visit the Holiday Sale page for all of the details.

More pictures from this past weekend...
Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 2
There are always some early arrivals.

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 2

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 2
The Grilled Cheese Truck has landed!
Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 2

Photos by Bauer Pottery, except Pie n' Burger Truck by Pie n' Burger, Pie n' Burger Cheeseburger by Guzzle & Nosh

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2 Preview

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1

The second weekend of the Holiday Sale is just around the corner, so we're going to throw out a refresher for both returning a first time shoppers.

The Bauer Pottery showroom is where all of our "seconds" end up.  What are seconds?  They are the not-quite-perfect pieces that come out of the factory.  Nothing broken, nothing chipped, just a little glaze skip here, a pinhole there. Most of the time we have to point out the flaw to our customers.  Our standards are pretty high, if we do say so ourselves (and we do say so).

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2

Since the pieces are not firsts, the prices aren't either.  Everything in the showroom starts at 30% off of retail.  If a piece is slightly less than a second, we'll knock off a few more dollars.  The added bonus at the Holiday Sale is that we double down on the discounts.  Last weekend was an additional 20% off of the discounted showroom price.  This weekend, that discount goes up to 25%.

Another reason to come to the Holiday Sale this weekend?  Grilled cheese!

It's been over 20 months since their last visit, but the Grilled Cheese Truck will be making another stop at the showroom this Saturday, from 11am to 2pm.  That means buttery crunchy bread, melty cheese, tomato-y soup and so much more deliciousness.

What's that?  You don't live near Southern California, but you still would like to shop for seconds?  We have you covered.  Starting on December 19th, we'll post a selection of seconds on our web store.  Since it takes a bit more work to move pieces back to the factory to pack and ship, the discounts aren't quite as deep, but you're still getting a great deal.  The only possible downside is that the online seconds will not ship until after the first of the year.  Just think of it as an after-Christmas sale that you get to shop before Christmas.

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Holiday Sale - Weekend 1 Review

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1

It seems like just two weeks ago it was Thanksgiving and now we're already into the the thick of the Christmas season. One weekend down and one (or is it two?) more to go for the annual Holiday Sale. The first weekend was a great success for both Bauer and for our customers, who made off with some beautiful pottery at a great price.

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1

It's always nice to seem familiar faces who come by year in and year out and we're always glad to welcome the newcomers to the showroom. If you're in town and can stop by, please come visit us this weekend.

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1

We had two great food trucks over the past weekend. Lidia's Dominican Kitchen was here on Saturday serving up great Dominican food. I had a Patacon Pisao, a pork sandwich, with plantains in the place of bread. Sunday, the Crispy Waffle & Frite truck made a lunch stop, serving up Liège (a.k.a. Belgian) waffles, in both sweet and savory varieties. The special Bacon, Brie & Basil waffle was great and if you like sweet, do not miss the Speculoos n' Cream.

Scroll down for a few more images from this past weekend...

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1
Though there's plenty of pottery to go around, there's always a few who arrive before the doors open.

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1
Moments after the doors open.

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1
Lidia's Dominican Kitchen & the Patacon Pisao

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1
Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1
Crispy Waffle & Frite truck and their Bacon, Brie & Basil Waffle

Holiday Sale 2011 - Weekend 1
I get to include a picture of this pooch, the sweetest Blue Heeler named Cookie, because there's a Ringware Dog Bowl behind her.

For more details including hours, directions and more, please visit our Holiday Sale page.

Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Holiday Sale!

Holiday Sale - Showroom Sign

It seems like just 12 months ago we were telling you about last year's annual Holiday Sale.

If you can think past next week's festivities and feasting and football, take a moment to jot down the dates for this year's sale in your calendar (iPhone 4s users just ask Siri to remind you).

Saturday & Sunday
December 3 & 4 and 10 & 11
9am - 5pm

We have lots of pottery on the shelves, as we do every year. We'll also have some new pieces from the Corita by Bauer line.


We're also excited to have some great food trucks back for the sale. Starting of on the first Saturday, December 3rd, we'll have Lidia's Dominican Kitchen.

Lidia's Dominican Kitchen: Exterior

They serve up great Dominican fare, as you may have already surmised. I'd recommend the Pernil or the Patacon Pisao.

For complete information on the sale, visit the Holiday Sale page.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pictures from around the showroom

Rosslyn Pot Rosslyn Pots in Federal Blue and Bauer Orange

Bauer Pottery Showroom Seconds in Parrot Green, Bauer Yellow & Aqua

Bauer Pottery Showroom Russel Wright American Modern dinnerware in Coral, Sea Foam, Chartreuse, White & Granite

Corita by Bauer ~ Mugs Corita by Bauer, coming soon

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bauer Gift Certificates Available During the KCRW Pledge Drive

We already know that you’re a fan of Bauer Pottery, but if you also enjoy public radio, why not combine your passions and support KCRW? Their bi-annual pledge drive started last night and to support their fund raising, we’ve given ten $100 gift certificates as pledge premiums.

You can listen over the air all over Southern California, anywhere with an internet connection at or on your Android, Blackberry or iPhone.

Gift certificates can be redeemed over the phone (888) 213-0800 or at our showroom in Los Angeles, were you can purchase discounted seconds. Either way, you will also receive an additional discount when you show us your KCRW Fringe Benefits card.

In addition to the Bauer gift certificate and the Fringe Benefits card, you’ll be entered into all sorts of sweepstakes and daily drawings for prizes including trips to Barcelona, laptops, iPads and more. Listen to the pledge drive or check their web site for more details.

The Bauer gift certificates are only available at the time they are announced on the air, so you need to be listening when they make the announcement and then you can call in and claim one for yourself. The pledge line is (800) 600-KCRW or (800) 600-5279.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Pottery Repair & Restoration by Yesterware

Oil Jar during repair (left) and after (right)

We get the call once or twice a month.

A semi-distraught voice tells us how a vintage piece of Bauer, which has been in the family for a generation or two, got chipped, cracked or broken.

"Do you do repairs?"

"Can you match this glaze?"

"Do you sell a kit?"

Our answer to all of this type of question regrettably has been "no." We've also never had a good place to refer anyone for this type of work, until now.

We found Mike & Netta Yaeck while shopping for some vintage pieces on eBay. They were selling a Bauer Honey Jar bottom with a reproduction lid that they had made. After purchasing the honey jar from them we wanted to find out more about how they came to making vintage Bauer reproductions.

Mike & Netta have been working under the company name Yesterware out of their studio in Bakersfield for the past 10 years. While they were both collectors, they were not in the pottery business before Yesterware. He was a general contractor and she was a silversmith.

This Rebekah Vase was missing a handle before Yesterware created a new one.

Wanting to repair some of their own pieces, they researched repair techniques and started fixing up pottery as a hobby. The hobby became a full-time job and now they do a lot of custom work for auction houses as well as taking in private jobs.

Their service starts at $75.00 to repair chips and goes up from there. In addition to chip repair, they can fix cracks, reassemble broken pieces and even reproduce entire parts, as we found out with our honey pot.

If you have a piece that you'd like repaired, please call Mike & Netta at (661) 32-BAUER [22837] or by email at

Of course, if you need to replace a piece with some Bauer 2000, you can always give us a call!

* * *
Bottom photo: D&M Tile, Los Angeles, circa 1930, repaired by Yesterware
All photos courtesy of Mike & Netta Yaeck of Yesterware.