Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Images from Weekend Two of the Holiday Sale

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2
Succulents by Tina Maldini

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2
Pet bowls a-plenty for all your pooches.

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2
Janek provides some customer service.

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2

Holiday Sale_Saturday 2_008.jpg
Rain dampened the parking lots, but not the spirits of the Bauer fans who came to shop.

Holiday Sale_Saturday 2_007.jpg

Holiday Sale_Saturday 2_002.jpg
The Buttermilk Truck stopped in to warm up the customers and employees with delicious breakfast treats.

Holiday Sale_Saturday 2_009.jpg
Janek does his best impression of Klippy, the Buttermilk Truck mascot

Holiday Sale_Saturday 2_012.jpg
Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich and Red Velvet Pancake Bites with Chocolate Chips from the Buttermilk Truck

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Sale 2009 - Weekend #2

Bauer Holiday Sale: 17 hrs. until the doors open

Just a quick reminder that we'll be back again this weekend, December 12 & 13 with more Bauer and more Russel Wright!

We made two trips to the factory and took every last second available and grabbed all the overstock we could find, so there may be some pristine firsts mixed in with those seconds you'll be looking at this weekend.

There's also been a glaze firing since last weekend, so if you're looking for pieces in Mango or Teal, we'll have them.

Also, don't forget to bring your appetite. The Buttermilk Truck will be showing up before we open with yummy breakfast treats. They even put up a nice blog post about they're upcoming visit.

Visit our Holiday Sale page for all the information you'll need for this weekend.

If you missed the sale last week, see below for a small gallery of images from the weekend.

Holiday Sale 2009 - Weekend #1

Holiday Sale!
Thought you might enjoy some pictures from the first weekend of the sale. We're busy gearing up for weekend two. If you're still Christmas shopping, be sure to stop by. If you're hungry, Buttermilk Truck will be here on Saturday from 8am-noon.

Bauer Pottery Holiday Sale 2009
Janek surveys the line moments before we open.

Bauer Pottery Holiday Sale 2009
9am and the line starts moving in...

Bauer Pottery Holiday Sale 2009
The early bird gets the cereal bowls.

Bauer Pottery Holiday Sale 2009

Bauer Pottery Holiday Sale 2009
The Kogi BBQ Truck stopped by to feed shoppers and workers alike.
Owen, Gloria and Cindy put in their lunch orders.

Bauer Pottery Holiday Sale 2009
The Get Shaved shave ice truck followed Kogi over to the sale, so I got them to make us up one in a #30 Nesting Bowl.

Bauer Pottery Holiday Sale 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Food Trucks Roll Up to the Bauer Sale

This year's Holiday Sale will combine one of Los Angeles' oldest institutions, Bauer Pottery, with one of it's newest, the Nouveau Food Truck.

On Saturday, December 5th from noon to 3pm, the most famous purveyor of mobile cuisine in Southern California, the Kogi BBQ Truck, will be parking out front, selling their unique fusion of Korean food and taco truck fare.

If you come out early on the second Saturday of the sale, December 12, you'll be able to try one of the newest entries in the new food truck race, the Buttermilk Truck. They specialize in fun, new takes on breakfast food that appeals at any hour of the day. The Buttermilk Truck will be here from 8am to noon, so come out early and fuel up before a morning of pottery shopping!

Images: Spicy Pork Taco courtesy of Kogi BBQ, Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich courtesy of The Buttermilk Truck Team

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bauer Pottery on NBC in Los Angeles

This past Sunday, Suzanne O'Conner over at BargainsLA.com took some Bauer Pottery over to the local NBC studios for an early morning presentation of shopping deals in Los Angeles.

She sat in with Ted Chen and the rest of the Sunday LA team to talk about great local bargains, including the Bauer Holiday Sale.

Click here for the video.

Thanks Suzanne!

Holiday Sale 2009!

It's December, so that means that the Holiday Sale is just around the corner!

Visit the Holiday Sale page for all the information you'll need about this year's sale.

We'll have lots of Bauer available and for the first time we'll have the new release of Russel Wright® American ModernTM seconds available.

For those of you who can't make it in person, do not despair, we will be making a selection of seconds available online. You will be able to order online beginning at 5pm (PST) on Wednesday, December 16, 2009.

Please note that seconds ordered via the web store will not be shipped until after the holidays.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!