Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May Showroom Sale Preview

Since we made you wait an extra week between the March and April sales, we've decided to shave off one week between the April and May sales. That means the next Showroom Sale is this coming weekend, May 1st and 2nd!

If you've been waiting to pot your flowers and balcony vegetable gardens until you got just the right piece, may we suggest you peruse our selection of garden pieces available in sizes from small to pretty darn large.

Thinking about heading outdoors for Spring bar-b-ques and back yard parties? Well, you're going to need some some bright new serving pieces to complement the beautiful weather. We've got everything you're looking for and more.

Continuing in our series of visiting food trucks, this month we've go the Patty Wagon stopping by with their delicious, 100% grass-fed beef sliders and some of the best fries we've had lately.

Patty Wagon will be "doors up" starting at 11am on Saturday only.

If these pictures don't do it for you, take a look at their menu and try to control the drooling til the weekend.

10" Luncheon Plate

10" Luncheon Plate in Parrot Green
Dinner Plate in Bauer Yellow, Luncheon Plate in Parrot Green, Salad Plate in Bauer Orange

While our 11 Inch Dinner Plate is a great piece of dinnerware, it can be a bit overwhelming for the average person. Reasonably-sized portions are dwarfed in this huge disk. Additionally, many people have found that our standard dinner plate will not fit in their kitchen cabinets, not if they want to close them anyway.

Enter the 10 Inch Luncheon Plate.

10" Luncheon Plate in Parrot Green

One wouldn't think that that one inch would make that much of a difference, but it does. In addition to being slightly smaller around than the Dinner Plate, the Luncheon Plate is not as deep as its curvaceous bigger sister.

10" Luncheon Plate in Parrot Green

The Luncheon Plate is available now via our online store and retails for $26.00.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scenes from the April Showroom Sale

Bauer Pottery Showroom Sale
Sunflowers and t-shirts are blooming this Spring at the Showroom

Bauer Pottery Showroom Sale
Berry Bowls galore.

Bauer Pottery Showroom Sale
Sugars, Tumblers, Platters, Butter Dishes, Carafes...

Bauer Pottery Showroom Sale

Bauer Pottery Showroom Sale
Owen puts on some last minute finishing touches before we open.

Bauer Pottery Showroom Sale
Bauer fans line up before we open. The earliest arrivals were at the door over an hour before our 10am opening time!

Bauer Pottery Showroom Sale
Seconds after 10am...

Bauer Pottery Showroom Sale
This month's truck comes from Fairfax Avenue's own Canter's Delicatessen.

Bauer Pottery Showroom Sale
Janek stands guard over the pastrami, rye bread and matzo ball soup.

See you all next month!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Showroom Sale & Canter's Truck

So, everyone's had a chance to rest up after the Spring holidays and break, right? Well, not over here at the Bauer factory. We know that you all are going to be knocking down our doors come this weekend's Showroom Sale, so we've been busy preparing.

As usual, we'll have a large assortment of Bauer Pottery and Russel Wright® American ModernTM available at a great discount. We'll also be taking orders on pieces from the Bauer collection for Home By Sunset (firsts only).

Canter's Deli Food Truck

If you've been to the last few showroom sales, you probably had a chance to sample food from one of L.A.'s newest culinary trends, the nouveau food truck. We've had visits from Kogi BBQ, the Grilled Cheese Truck, the Buttermilk Truck and Get Shaved.

This Saturday, we're excited to have the brand new Canter's Delicatessen Truck stopping by the showroom. Canter's is an old name in L.A. restaurants, but a new one on the road. They will be offering a selection of your favorite sandwiches from Canter's as well as some sides and matzo ball soup!

We're looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Russel Wright in Modernism Magazine

Fans of Russel Wright the designer, fans of Russel Wright the pottery, fans of architecture and fans of just plain good design should be excited to see the current issue of "Modernism" magazine (Spring 2010), which features a cover story Russel Wright and his home, Dragon Rock.

Also featured in the issue is an interview with Russel & Mary Wright's daughter, Annie Wright, and her experiences growing up in house that was part home, part studio, part lab and a complete architectural masterpiece.

Finally, there is a small piece on the newest Russel Wright venture, which we are most proud of, American Modern by Bauer Pottery.

If you are a fan of Russel Wright, American Modern pottery, beautiful architecture or just plain old good design, go pick up the newest issue of "Modernism."

Friday, April 2, 2010

Russel Wright® American ModernTM Plates on NBC's Today Show

Patrick Dickson over at Russel Wright Studios directed our attention to a little cameo on today's Today Show on NBC. A stack of Salad Plates in Sea Foam are used in a cooking segment with Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford and the Food Network's Melissa D'Arabian. They show up right before minute number four. Try not to be distracted by the Chocolate French Toast.

Here's the clip on Hulu:

If you catch a glimpse of Bauer or Russel Wright Pottery on TV or in the movies, let us know.