Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vintage Bauer - Bean Pot #2

Mary wrote us inquiring about this piece, which she picked up at a garage sale.

Looking through a couple books, I found images of similar pieces, though not the exact same one.

Jeffrey B. Snyder's Beautiful Bauer: A Pictorial Study with Prices has images of similar pieces (p.44), but they either have two handles or no handles at all. Both styles are from the Plainware line, from the early 1930s. The double-handled piece was available in 4.5", 5.5" and 6" sizes. The version with no handles is pictured in the 4.5" size.

Jack Chipman's Collector's Encyclopedia of Bauer Pottery has an image of the double-handled piece (p.38) that is described as a 2-quart Bean Pot, which looks to be about 5.5" to 6" tall. Chipman notes that though the Plainware line pre-dated the Ringware line, the Ringware was so popular that by 1941 only a few Plainware pieces were still in production. Among them was the Bean Pot.

All that said, I still don't have a reference for a single-handled Bean Pot. Do any of you collectors out there have anything to add about this piece? If so, please click on the "Comments" link below and share it with us all.

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Mary said...

Wow, thanks so much for devoting a whole post to my bean pot! And thanks for the information. I will look forward to seeing whether your readers have more to add.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever find anything on this? I have one just like it that was my grandmothers. It is the dark brown finish.

Anonymous said...

I own a 1, 2 and 3 ... I believe this means that they are 1 quart, 2 quart and so on. There is also a 4 quart which a friend owns. I have only seen the single handle on ebay so check there for current pricing. They are valued around $125.00 on up starting with the 1 quart if in perfect condition; however, I don't see them selling online right now. Some have been put on sale on ebay at $80.00 for the 1 quart. If you are thinking of selling it I would wait for the next Bauer phase, about ten years ago they were selling for top dollar now they are not as "in" as before. I own Chinese Yellow and Jade. I have seen a dark reddish brown, delphinium blue, and cobalt. I would guess that the delphinium blue and cobalt price highest since those are a bit rare compared to yellow and jade, and brown would be the least popular color. I would use it and enjoy it, just don't put acidic food in it or put it in the over. Great for a cold bean salad, refried or baked beans that are cooked stovetop and served in the bean pot.

Bauer Pottery said...

Hi Anon,

Thank you for all of the information!

Hopefully, Mary will check in to this post, even though it's just over five years old now.