Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rare Vintage Piece Brings High Price on eBay

Detail from eBay page (click image for full-size view)

In all the excitement over the article in the Los Angeles Times (see previous post), we haven't gotten around to mentioning a big sale that went down at the end of last week.

A vintage Bauer Cigarette Holder in Jade Green sold for $2,225.00 on eBay. We here at the Bauer Pottery Company saw the auction earlier in the week and tossed in our two cents (or possibly a little more) to see if we could snag this very rare piece that we'd not seen before.

By the time the auction had ended, the price had shot way past our maximum bid. The winners of the auction are Dan & Donna Edwards over at Spring Creek Pottery, who have been a good customers, selling the Bauer 2000 line for many years now.

Contacted about their new acquisition, they sounded like proud new parents:

Dan & Donna Edwards, owners of Spring Creek Pottery and avid vintage Bauer pottery collectors, are very excited with their newest acquisition: a Jade Green 1930’s Cigarette jar. It will be proudly displayed next to a very rare Bauer single bee Honey Jar and #9 white mixing bowl!

* * *

It's always interesting to see something new, or at least new to us, pop up like this. It did get us thinking about the utility of this piece. Would a smoker care if there was lead in the glaze of his or her cigarette holder?

Full eBay item page (click image for full-size view)

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