Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Images from Weekend Two of the Holiday Sale

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2
Succulents by Tina Maldini

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2
Pet bowls a-plenty for all your pooches.

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2
Janek provides some customer service.

Holiday Sale - Weekend 2

Holiday Sale_Saturday 2_008.jpg
Rain dampened the parking lots, but not the spirits of the Bauer fans who came to shop.

Holiday Sale_Saturday 2_007.jpg

Holiday Sale_Saturday 2_002.jpg
The Buttermilk Truck stopped in to warm up the customers and employees with delicious breakfast treats.

Holiday Sale_Saturday 2_009.jpg
Janek does his best impression of Klippy, the Buttermilk Truck mascot

Holiday Sale_Saturday 2_012.jpg
Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich and Red Velvet Pancake Bites with Chocolate Chips from the Buttermilk Truck

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