Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Showroom Sale & Canter's Truck

So, everyone's had a chance to rest up after the Spring holidays and break, right? Well, not over here at the Bauer factory. We know that you all are going to be knocking down our doors come this weekend's Showroom Sale, so we've been busy preparing.

As usual, we'll have a large assortment of Bauer Pottery and Russel Wright® American ModernTM available at a great discount. We'll also be taking orders on pieces from the Bauer collection for Home By Sunset (firsts only).

Canter's Deli Food Truck

If you've been to the last few showroom sales, you probably had a chance to sample food from one of L.A.'s newest culinary trends, the nouveau food truck. We've had visits from Kogi BBQ, the Grilled Cheese Truck, the Buttermilk Truck and Get Shaved.

This Saturday, we're excited to have the brand new Canter's Delicatessen Truck stopping by the showroom. Canter's is an old name in L.A. restaurants, but a new one on the road. They will be offering a selection of your favorite sandwiches from Canter's as well as some sides and matzo ball soup!

We're looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

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