Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunset Magazine's Celebration Weekend

To celebrate this year's launch of our Home by SunsetTM line, Janek headed up Sunset magazine's Menlo Park headquarters to participate in their annual Celebration Weekend.

If you haven't seen it yet, the Home by SunsetTM line is collection of seven new and classic styles in three colors: Aqua, Bauer Orange and White.

Our booth was made even more spectacular by arrangements designed specifically for our pottery by acclaimed San Francisco garden shop Flora Grubb, such as the White Jardiniere above.

White Biltmore and Canoe's with arrangements by Flora Grubb.

What the heck is that Aqua thing behind that arrangement? Shape of things to come...

Janek's all smiles with visitors in the booth and the Oil Jar Fountain working like gangbusters.

Did you visit the Bauer booth at the Celebration Weekend? Send us links to your pictures.

(Photos by Jack Rowland (from the top: 1 & 4), Ruth Ammon (2, 3 & 5))

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