Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dante Fried Chicken Coming to the Showroom on Saturday

Just confirmed for this weekend's Showroom Sale, Dante Fried Chicken will be stopping by on Saturday the 7th.

A mix of party host, art promoter and self-proclaimed "chicken connoisseur," owner Dante Gonzales is bringing more than just a new kind of fried chicken to the streets of Los Angeles. In addition to his great food, the truck will also serve as a rolling radio studio for live broadcasts from the road. Gonzales, a relocated by way of Europe New Yorker, debuts his truck this week and the Bauer Pottery Showroom is one of the first places you'll be able to try his fare.

I got to sample his creations over this past weekend and everything was great, even the tofu! (That said, don't miss out on the chicken or the mac & cheese.)

Dante Fried Chicken Truck: brisket, fried chicken, mac & cheese

You can see Dante's menu here and read more about this newest addition to L.A.'s street food scene here.


sc said...

Thanks for the great lunch by Dante and for the new charcuterie plate. Great event.

Bauer Pottery said...

Thanks SC. It was good to see you. Glad you could make it to the Showroom. Dante's food is great, isn't it?