Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Grill Plate

Grill Plate

The shape is familiar to you.

You recognize it, yes, but something's different.

It's... it's not dull and white.

Oh! It's not made of paper or styrofoam. It's pottery. Beautiful glazed earthenware. What else? Five colors? Five gorgeous Bauer colors* you say?

Grill Plate

Yes, the classic Bauer Grill Plate is available once again. Modeled in three sections and measuring eleven inches across, the Grill Plate is available in Bauer Orange, Bauer Yellow, Turquoise, Aqua and Federal Blue, as pictured above.

Did you think, like I did, that the sectioned plate was the introduced circa-whenever you first saw one as a kid?

The real answer is we don't know exactly when it was invented. It probably is not an original Bauer design, but J.A. Bauer Pottery did manufacture these plates as early as the 1930s.

Click here to begin shopping for the Grill Plate now.

(Click on the four arrows on the bottom right for the full-screen view.)

*Okay, we're making it in white too, for nostalgia sake, but you already have an idea of what that looks like.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful but expensive. I am longing for some of these. I guess I'll just have to save up.

Elle said...

The side dish pockets are never big enough, and I always want more than three things are a BBQ...

Bauer Pottery said...

Elle, I think that the USDA is on your side as far as variety goes, but they might argue with you regarding quantity:

...and remember, you can always go back for seconds.

Greg said...

These are perfect for 4th of July or any summer bbq! I love the colors!